48 Volt 2400 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Rack Mount Lithium Battery Server Rack Style 48V 2400AH

Your Price: $62,500.00
Retail Price:$89,000.00
You Save:$26,500.00(30%)
Part Number:48v-2400ah-rack
48 Volt 2400 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Lithium Battery System for Residential and Commercial Energy Storage Applications, Server Rack Mount Style, Each 2400Ah System is made of (4) x 48V 600 Amp Hour Systems, one in each cabinet; run in parallel, Each 48V 600Ah Cabinet consists of (6) x 48V 100 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Batteries, each with own Battery Management System (BMS) and digital display,  on/off protection switch, RS485, RJ45, CAN Connectivity, Price shown includes customized BMS Charge and Discharge settings for each application depending on charge source, inverter size and other variables, available in White or Black case, various language settings available, 4 year warranty, Imported, 45 Day Delivery anywhere in domestic USA, 100% Buyer Protection with Paypal Checkout, Price is final landed price, no sales tax, no additional tariffs or import costs, This is the lowest price possible on a 2400 Amp Hour Server Rack Mounted LIFEP04 Battery System GUARANTEED! We will match any price by 3% on NEW, unused LIFEP04 Batteries, for a free quote and consultation please email [email protected] 

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