Default Case: 20"(L) x 10.25"(W) x 9"(H)
Default Case: 20"(L) x 10.25"(W) x 9"(H)

48 Volt 300 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Lithium Battery System | CATL Cells | 3 X 100 Ah

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48 Volt 300 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Lithium Battery System, Consists of THREE 51.2V 100 Amp Hour Batteries, Each 48 Volt 100 Amp Hour LIFEP04 Lithium Battery is constructed using 3.2V 100AH CATL LIFEP04 Lithium Cells in a 16S1P Configuration, 51.2V Actual Voltage, All connection cables included, Safe for use in parallel for higher capacity systems, Each battery has a true 100 Amp Hour Capacity, 150A Continuous Discharge (each battery), Includes LED SOC Display, Screw In Style Terminals, Standard Default Metal Case Dimensions: 20"(L) x 10.25"(W) x 9"(H), Weight 100 -116 lbs each (depending on options), Black or White Standard Colors, Imported,  Stock Image Shown could vary by application (plugs and handles could be in different locations based on application, and BMS), custom cases available for any application. 


Specialized Power System Batteries are the Best LIFEP04 Lithium Batteries in the world at the lowest price possible! Constructed using CATL Brand LIFEP04 Lithium Cells;  CATL is a leading lithium battery cell maker 
currently partnering with companies such as Tesla amongst others. CATL Cells are each UL Listed and come with their own warranty from CATL; a proven, bankable and trusted company with an international presence. This is the best battery money can buy. Specialized Power Systems is becoming one of the leading lithium battery brands for a reason; SPS batteries are superior quality and have the best prices for comparable systems. Since 2010 the staff and founder at SPS has the most experience in the entire industry when it comes to properly sizing Lithium Batteries for your solar, wind and energy at the lowest price. 

-Choose Discharge Current and Charge Current
-Custom Case Available for Any Size or Application
-Custom Terminal and Cable Upgrades

There is no question lithium is the superior battery technology for any application. They are lighter, take less space and last longer. While the up-front cost is higher than Gel, AGM or Lead Acid the overall cost of ownership is lower over time because you will never have to replace your lithium battery, and will not require maintenance.

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