//Download Warranty and Claims Policy (pdf)

All batteries purchased from Pacific Management Group LLC, Pacific Sun Systems, Energy Storage Systems or Specialized Power Systems are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Our Batteries Guarantee Period is described below: 

LIFEP04 LITHIUM = 4 Years (48 Months) 
Li(NiCoMn)02 LITHIUM = 3 Years (36 Months) 
* Period of Guarantee from the date of shipment. 

1. The battery must be properly installed and maintained in accordance with the Installation and Operating procedure manual. 
2. A battery will not be considered defective unless it fails to deliver 80% or less of its quoted capacity during the guarantee period. 
3. Each battery must be stored, charged, discharged and stored in accordance with the printed instructions. 
4. User agrees that the manufacturer or his agent shall be granted inspection access with reasonable notice. 
5. Battery must have been used and charged in accordance with the instructions provided. 

Warranty will not be provided in event of the following circumstances. 
1. Guarantee & Warranty is void if temperature exceeds the recommended operating temperature range. 
2. Guarantee & Warranty is void if the battery becomes unserviceable due to fire, wreckage, freezing, neglect, abuse, or any other act of GOD, use of battery additions, parts of the battery are tampered with or modified, or the battery is serviced by persons not authorized. 
3. Guarantee & Warranty is void if the batteries are used in conjunction with other brand batteries. 
4. Guarantee & Warranty is void if the batteries damaged by man-made, unnormal use or move cause battery cover and internal failure 
5. Guarantee & Warranty is void if the batteries flatulence and swelling by heavy over-charging. 
6. Guarantee & Warranty is void if the batteries damaged by other Battery accessories. Such as battery charger. 

Please contact our warranty department and submit the information as below to us: 
1. Invoice/docket number 
2. Your name/company name 
3. Battery model, problem battery quantity 
4. A brief description of the battery problem 
5. A brief description of how to use the battery • Use the battery as single cell or as battery bank, if battery bank, what’s the voltage and capacity • Discharge current and working time of the battery • Working environment and temperature 
6. Picture of the battery 
7. The picture when you test the voltage, show the value of voltage 
8. The picture of manufacture code (on the top of the cover) 
9. The picture of all problem quantity battery 
10. Front photo of the battery 

1. Upon satisfactory proof of claim as determined by us, the batteries will be repaired or replaced based on the original purchase price and the portion of the warranty term remaining to be applied towards the purchase of a replacement battery. 
2. Under no circumstances can product be returned, credited or exchanged without written authority. 

//Download Warranty and Claims Policy (pdf)
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